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Powerline Construction Service

We provide service in Powerline Construction; erecting poles and running lines in places none yet exist.

The work we do is inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), and we follow all guidelines as outlined in the 'Occupational Health and Safety for Construction Projects' Code Book.

All standards set forth in multiple environmental acts are followed to the letter, during any powerline construction. We ensure that all safety policies set forth by ourselves and the client and/or agencies we work for are strictly enforced to ensure the safest worksite possible. 

Powerline Distribution Service

Powerline distribution is the final stage of electrical service. Running from substations to consumers, these distribution lines provide power to your every day life. We offer service in running, replacing and maintaining these powerlines, as well as installing necessary transformers. Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial we ensure that your power distribution is up and running so your business can be as well. 

Line Relocation Service

We provide service in powerline relocation. If you have existing powerlines that need to be moved or hydro poles that need to be replaced, we can help you. Lines often need to be moved for new construction and hydro poles need to be replaced as time wears on so trust the professionals to get this done safely and efficiently so you can rest easy. 

Emergency Response

If you require service any time, day or night we are there. Hydro poles and cables are subject to the elements as well as human interaction 24 hours a day. If a line or pole comes down or a transformer blows it can be extremely hazardous. If this happens, call us to take care of it as quickly, professionally and safely as possible. 

Preventative Maintenance

Wear and tear in electrical lines, circuits and transformers is difficult to determine with a simple eye test. Scheduled preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that all facets of the electrical process are running smoothly to reduce the risk of unforeseen dangers and unwanted power outages. We work with you to establish a maintenance plan that makes sense and fits your budget. 

Consulting Services

We strive to make the process as easy as possible for our clients from start to finish. New builds require a hydro layout which means setting up a time to meet with hydro representatives at the property to figure out exactly where to run the lines. We can do all of this for you, from setting up the site visit, meeting with the utility representative and helping with the layout process. This helps to keep a cohesive vision of the project and makes the entire process seamless. 

Powerline Brushing

Trees and other vegetation can be a nightmare for hydro lines. We specialize in safely trimming, cutting or removing these hazards so that problems can be avoided. NEVER TRY TO DEAL WITH THESE HAZARDS YOURSELF.